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Healing Movement Starts Here:
E-Motion Physiotherapy

Enjoy convenient physiotherapy on your terms, wherever and whenever you need it. Whether you're busy with work, travelling frequently, dealing with mobility issues, or juggling personal commitments, we are here for you. Forget the long waits for NHS appointments and the high costs of private physiotherapy – access professional help from home with just a click. Prioritize your health without breaking the bank – it's all about your schedule, your comfort, and your budget!

A woman with brown hair sitting in front of a computer screen, delivering an online physiotherapy session

Who are we and what do we do?

We are your go-to online physiotherapy clinic, offering personalized one-on-one treatment through video calls with top-tier, UK-qualified professionals. Our experienced physios specialize in musculoskeletal conditions, bringing years of expertise from both clinical and remote settings. Elevate your well-being with the convenience of virtual care – because your health journey deserves the best.


Disabled person sitting in front of a computer screen attending an online physiotherapy session

 Online Physiotherapy Initial Assessment

A woman performing a lunge in front of a screen, receiving an online physiotherapy session

Online Physiotherapy Follow-up

A woman performing an exercise in front of a computer screen, receiving an online physiotherapy session

5 x Pack of Online Physiotherapy Follow-up

It's a virtual consultation where a physiotherapist evaluates a patient's health, movement, and symptoms via a video platform. The session aims to diagnose the patient’s issues and develop a personalized treatment plan.

It's a virtual session where a physiotherapist reviews a patient’s progress, adjusts their treatment plan, and provides further guidance on exercises and care. This appointment allows for convenient ongoing support and monitoring of a patient's rehabilitation, ensuring they continue to improve and meet their health goals efficiently ​ *Please note, an Initial Assessment is required prior to purchasing the follow-up session to ensure tailored treatment and effective outcomes

The 5 Sessions Package for online physiotherapy provides cost-effective, ongoing care with five virtual follow-up sessions. This package allows for consistent monitoring and adjustment of your treatment plan, ensuring optimal progress in your rehabilitation at a more affordable rate. Patients will still have the flexibility to choose their preferred appointment times, adding convenience to their care ​ *Please note, an Initial Assessment is required prior to purchasing the 5-session package to ensure tailored treatment and effective outcomes. ​

How it works?

In each session, we focus on you. Your treatment is uniquely designed to fit your condition, needs, and abilities. We'll diagnose your situation and carefully guide you through every step of your care. Your health journey is our priority, with personalized attention that puts you at the centre of it all.

Is Online Physiotherapy for me?

Distance is no hurdle for us! From neck and back pain to sports injuries and post-op rehab, our remote solutions have it all. We believe in an empowering approach – educating you about your condition, suggesting lifestyle adjustments, and providing targeted exercises. If face-to-face is the way to go, we'll let you know. Your comfort, your pace – choose the path that suits you best with our support!

Booking steps

  1. Select your preferred day and time for your appointment.

  2. Receive a confirmation e-mail with preparation instructions for your online session.

  3. Sign in promptly at the scheduled time to make the most of your session.

Online Physiotherapy Benefits

Eco-Friendly Design

No waiting

Accessible from accross the globe

Saving time on commute

Competitive Price

You are in control

Using the Laptop
Practicing Yoga
Digital Nomad
Using the Laptop

Telehealth physiotherapy enhances accessibility, effectiveness, and efficiency of rehabilitation services by enabling remote care, providing quality outcomes comparable to in-person sessions, increasing patient engagement, and offering cost savings for both patients and healthcare systems.

What Our Clients Say

''I had an online consultation with Asta for sudden onset low back pain which was really debilitating. Asta explained what caused my pain and what to expect, which was really helpful. She gave me advice on managing the pain at home and prescribed some exercises. I started feeling better after just a couple of days. The best part was not having to leave my home for the session. Overall, I am very pleased with the results and highly recommend Asta’s online physiotherapy sessions!''


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